Creating a Mobile Phone That Transforms Into A Laptop, Tablet or Magazine
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Presently working on the prototype and need funding for the prototype before introduction to market through licensure.

In the world of technology bringing something to market that is an original concept, that also serves a need can be a disruptor that changes the way we approach everyday activities. The Mobile Phone device is a concept that created a disruption to the communications industry, making us do away with payphones. Now let's consider a different kind of disruptor - A mobile phone that can transform into a laptop, an iPad, or even a magazine.

Think of a mobile phone that you pull out of your pocket and within seconds can change into a laptop. Every student in the world would purchase the device and with other wireless technology, they can do homework on their favorite applications and achieve results propelled by convenience, not to talk of printing directly from your application using the laptop transformation of the mobile device. How about the medical community and Doctors that need to work round the clock if necessary. They don't have to be in the office to access their applications. With the touch of a button, they could be working on a laptop, fulfilling orders, writing progress notes, and working with the convenience of a full-service application on desktops right from the convenience of a mobile phone.

The CALVIDE promises to be the next disruptor in the world of mobile and desktop operating systems. The convenience of a phone device, a laptop, a tablet, or even a magazine all in one device.

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Research & Dev.

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The BluePrint of the CALVIDE is being made available to our concept designers at IdeaPros, with the intention to bring this product to market. Our estimated costs for a Prototype after Research and development is close to $500,000. Other expenses that would make this a viable and customer ready product is in the same range.


The time it would take to build this daring project is estimated at six months to a one and a half years depending on the research and development. It could be sooner, but our plan is to bring a viable product to market that would be in serious demand.

Seed Funding

Once these aspects have been taken care of and there is evidence of a mass appeal of the product, we will proceed to fund a massive deployment of product to market with the right systems in place to handle customer demand.

Establishing Brand Authority

We would partner with key manafacturers and investors to create a market second to none, allowing our customers to take advantage of a new climate that ushers in high levels of productivity because of our unique mobile device brand.

Desirel C. Lawrence

Desirel C. Lawrence


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Miguel Carreeno

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Aaquib Faruqui

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Charmaine Nair Lawrence

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