best remodeling dc

In this phase we take time to listen carefully and focus on the entirety of your ideas, goals, and budget to have an overall and good understanding of your projections. We look into any challenges and identity options that might allow us to make it still possible. This will then lead us to the next remodeling step or renovation step.


Exploring the perfect design concepts that end up putting a smile on your face is the next critical choice to make. Different blueprints, and detailed plans are created – including options such as appliance, fixture, lighting, and other renovation decisions as needed. The creative process is one of the rewarding stages in getting your best remodeling or renovations done


Getting to work with our unique artisan skills we carefully review all plan details and get necessary orders filled by our partners. Depending on the scope of the project this could last a couple of weeks to several months depending on how extensive the changes are.


This is where our creative work comes to life. Your kitchen, bathrooms, walls, roofing decks, patio etc. Our Project managers take care of construction, demolition, framing, carpentry, wiring, HVAC, plumbing, drywall etc. and anything needed to bring the transformation alive. There is nothing better than seeing your new remodeling become reality.