Desirel Calvin Lawrence

Desirel C. Lawrence

Desirel is the Lead Technologist and founder of Arlington SEO a division of VOLTSITE. He has been in the digital marketing space when we had internet service companies like AOL booming, programs like Macromedia now Adobe and is always inspired to work with companies to establish them properly over the net. A co-founder of a non-profit and initiator of a number of startups Desirel understands why business owners are driven to make a difference. He wants to give all his customers results driven approaches in their businesses. Desirel is the author of two books, Power of Paradise written under the pen name Dave Skye and the Wiz Diary.

He is also a speaker bringing the awareness of embracing change in company as it is in embracing change we have an opportunity to create more innovations. Also, in ethical decision making when it comes to change and innovation it is important to realize that this is the only proven way to create a livable world considering the pro’s and con’s of technology and its influence on our lives.